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BTWEN to host Black History Month Gala Celebration

February 2015

Stay tuned for more information . . .
Third Annual Walk-a-thon
Date to be announced
Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

Call 510.278.1634 for more information.
Join BTWEN on another Freedom Journey as we make another
journey to Allensworth, CA

The only California town founded, financed, and governed by
Blacks. Today Allensworth is a State Historic Park

Date to be announced
                           Booker T. Washington Empowerment Network
                                           Empowering ordinary people to achieve extraordinary legacies

                               A 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit organization founded by the great-granddaughter of Booker T. Washington
First Annual Project Legacy Golf Tournament
to be held in summer 2022

Stay tuned for more information . . .

Registration is FREE & Donations are tax-deductible

For More Information call 510-278-1634